Tools & Calculators

Retirement Income Calculator This tool from T. Rowe Price allows you factor in your savings, investments, Social Security payments and other info and then uses Monte Carlo simulations to determine whether you have enough resources to support your planned lifestyle throughout retirement.’s Immediate/Longevity Annuity Payment Calculator: How Much Guaranteed Income Can You Get?  Enter your age, gender, how much of your savings you want to invest and when you want to start receiving payments and this calculator will show you how much lifetime monthly income you can receive from an immediate annuity or a longevity annuity.

Get Your Retirement Savings Factors  This Fidelity tool helps you gauge how many times your annual salary you should have saved at various ages to be on track to retirement.

Retirement Withdrawal Calculator  This calculator from the American Institute For Economic Research allows you to estimate the level of inflation-adjusted withdrawals you can take from retirement savings based on such factors as your age, how much assurance you require that your savings will support you throughout your planning horizon and the level of expenses you pay.

The Actuaries Longevity Illustrator  This tool from the American Academy of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries can help singles and couples estimate their probability of living to a certain age and/or the chances of living for a specific number of years. .

Net Worth Calculator  This tool makes it easy for you to add up the value of your assets and subtract the value of your liabilities to arrive at your net worth.

BlackRock Retirement Expense Worksheet This worksheet covers more than 50 separate expenditure items in eight categories ranging from personal living expenses to medical costs to taxes and transportation to arrive at your estimated annual retirement expenses.

Instant X-Ray  Enter the name or ticker symbol of one or more funds and you’ll get a quick breakdown of assets by type (U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, bonds, cash) as well as information on fund expenses and the type of stocks and bonds in the fund or funds.

Ready-2-Retire  With this tool you drag and drop icons representing 24 retirement activities (travel, returning to school, creative interests, etc.) to get a sense of how you might spend your time in retirement. (Click the sound icon to turn off the narration.)

The Death Clock  If you’d prefer a more morbid view of life expectancy, you may want to check out this tool. Enter your birth date, a few other pertinent facts and select from a menu of four “Modes” (Normal, Optimistic, Pessimistic or Sadistic) and the tool gives you your “Personal Day of Death”— a prediction of when you’ll die down to the day.

Retirement Income Planner (and Retirement Budget Worksheet) With this Fidelity Investments calculator, you can plug in estimated retirement expenses using an interactive budgeting worksheet and run scenarios to see how long your nest egg might last with different combinations of stocks and bonds in both good and poor markets. A related tool, the Income Strategy Evaluator, will also tell you whether devoting a portion of your assets to an income annuity might boost your retirement income and your nest egg’s longevity.

Vanguard’s Retirement Nest Egg Calculator A handy tool if you just want a quick estimate of the probability your savings will support you throughout retirement at different withdrawal rates and mixes of stocks, bonds and cash. Adjust the sliders and the portfolio pie chart, click Run Simulation and you get an estimate of the odds that your nest egg will last 20, 25, 30 or however many years you choose.

Vanguard Retirement Expenses Worksheet   An interactive worksheet that allows you to enter up to 31 different expenses spread among eight categories to help you get a handle on what your expenses may be in retirement.