The Actuaries Longevity Illustrator  This tool from the American Academy of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries can help singles and couples estimate their probability of living to a certain age and/or the chances of living for a specific number of years. This information can be helpful for a number of retirement-planning issues including setting a withdrawal rate that won’t deplete your nest egg too soon and deciding at what age to claim Social Security.

RetiredBrains and These two sites provide job listings from employers looking to hire older workers as well as information on how to start a business in retirement and find volunteering opportunities.

Charity Navigator  This site has a searchable database of charities it rates on financial health, transparency and accounting and results reporting.  This site allows you to search for organizations in your area that are in need of volunteers.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute  Located at the University of North Carolina-Asheville, the Institute offers retirement workshops, including Paths To Creative Retirement and Creative Retirement Exploration Weekend, designed to help retirees and pre-retirees create a rewarding and fulfilling life in retirement.

Compare Cost of Living  NerdWallet’s Cost of Living Calculator, which has details on the cost of living in 231 U.S. cities, can show you how much you might be able to save by moving to an area with lower living costs.

Ready-2-Retire    When you rev up this tool, you’ll find icons representing 24 different retirement activities (travel, returning to school, creative interests, etc.) that you can drag and drop into different baskets based on how important each is to you. The idea is to help you get more specific about how you might actually spend your time in retirement. (You’ll hear a narrator when the tool starts. You can click the sound icon to turn the narration off.)

Plan For A Long Retirement Plug in your age and gender and you’ll get a quick estimate of the probability that make it to a given age. For example, a 65-year-old man would have about a 6% chance of living to 95. Insert the same info for a couple, and the calculator estimates the chances that either of you will be alive to that age.

How Long Will You Live?  With this life expectancy calculator, you can enter information about your health, occupation, sex life and family history to get a more customized estimate of your life expectancy.

The Death Clock  If you’d prefer a more morbid view of life expectancy, you may want to check out this tool. Enter your birth date, a few other pertinent facts and select from a menu of four “Modes” (Normal, Optimistic, Pessimistic or Sadistic) and the tool gives you your “Personal Day of Death”— a prediction of when you’ll die down to the day.