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4 Signs Your Retirement Strategy May Need A Reset

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

Half of Americans are not on track to generate enough post-career income to cover their essential expenses in retirement, according to a recent survey of nearly 3,200 working adults by Fidelity Investments. Of course, that also means that the other half is mostly on track. Question is, do know whether you’re on the right side of this 50-50 divide? Before you answer, I suggest you check out the five red flags below, each of which could be a caveat that you need to review your retirement planning. More»


Want To Start Saving For A Secure Future? You Need A Plan

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

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For the first time my husband and I will soon be in a financial position to begin putting away some money and still meet our monthly bills. We’d like to come up with some sort of savings plan. Any suggestions? More»


3 Risks You May Not Be Focusing On That Can Derail Your Retirement

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

When it comes retirement planning, we naturally tend to focus on the risks we’re most aware of, say, the possibility that this nine-year-old bull market could give way to a ravaging bear and take a big chunk out of our savings or that an unscrupulous or incompetent adviser might talk us into inappropriate or expensive investments. And those are valid concerns. But our retirement plans can also be endangered by risks that aren’t as apparent, which can make them all the more insidious. Here are three risks that may not be top of mind but that you should still guard against as you plan for and enter retirement. More»


How Would Your Retirement Prospects Stand Up To A Market Meltdown?

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

Chances are your retirement prospects have improved in recent years. Even if you haven’t exactly been knocking yourself out when it comes to saving, your retirement accounts have probably been growing nicely due to the double-digit annualized gains the stock market has churned out over the past nine years. If you’re already retired, those outsized gains may have allowed your nest egg to retain all or much of its value even as you’ve been tapping it for income. But have you considered how your outlook for a secure retirement might change if this aging bull market stalls or, worse yet, takes a big dive? More»


Want To Improve Your Retirement Prospects? Resolve To Do This In The New Year

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

By now you’ve been inundated with long lists of “must do” New Year’s resolutions ranging from the general (be a nicer person, lead a healthier lifestyle) to the specific (save more, pay down debt). But before your eyes glaze over and you totally succumb to New Year’s Resolutions Fatigue, I’d like you to consider two simple but important suggestions—the first for people still on the job, the second for retirees—that have the potential to significantly increase your chances of having a successful retirement. More»


To Create A Plan That Can Lead To A Secure Retirement Follow These 3 Steps

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

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My husband and I are in our 30s and have two young children. We want to have a strong plan in place for retirement so we can retire comfortably when we’re older, but we aren’t sure how to invest, how much we should be saving or for that matter how much we can afford to save while still providing for our family. What do we need to do to get started? More»