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Don’t Let “Trump-O-Mania” Divert You From Your Retirement Strategy

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. Trump. Everywhere you turn these days people are hypothesizing about ways a Trump administration might affect your retirement prospects. But while this unrelenting focus may be understandable (and even possibly helpful), it can also be a bothersome distraction perhaps even enticing you to make moves you may later regret. Here’s how to put “Trump-o-mania” in perspective and keep your focus on preparing sensibly for retirement. More»


Is A 15% Savings Rate Adequate For A Secure Retirement?

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

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I’ve heard that I should save 15% of salary a year, if not more, for retirement. Is that figure correct and does it include any matching contributions my employer makes to my retirement account? More»


5 Ways You May Be Fooling Yourself About Your Retirement Planning

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s latest Retirement Confidence Survey, 63% of workers claimed they were very or somewhat confident of having enough money for a comfortable post-career life. But when you look at how little many people have stashed away for retirement—the average 401(k) balance is less than $100,000—you have to wonder how accurate their self-assessment is. So how can you tell whether you’re being realistic about your retirement planning efforts or deluding yourself? Here are five ways. More»


Do You Have Enough Retirement Savings For Your Age?

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

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I’m in my mid-40s and have about $700,000 in retirement accounts. Is that amount in the upper range for someone my age and does that figure put me on track toward a secure retirement?

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3 Ways To Avoid A Drop In Your Standard of Living In Retirement

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

The main goal of retirement planning is to be able to maintain roughly the same standard of living after your career as during it. But achieving that goal can a challenge. For example, the latest Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers found that 40% of baby boomers expect their standard of living will fall during retirement, 83% of Generation Xers believe they’ll have a harder time achieving financial security than their parents and only 18% of Millennials say they’re very confident about their retirement prospects. So how can you avoid having to ratchet down your lifestyle after calling it a career? Here are three ways: More»


The Big Lesson From 2016 You Should Apply To Your Retirement Planning

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

In a year that witnessed one of the most divisive and wackiest presidential election campaigns in U.S. history, it’s not hard to find lessons that can apply to various aspects of your life. But when it comes to takeaways that can improve your retirement planning and investing, I think there’s one big lesson we should all draw from 2016: Don’t let the constant flow of predictions and prognostications about the markets and the economy—no matter how prescient they may seem—divert you from a comprehensive plan designed to achieve success over the long-term. More»