How Much Do You Know About Retirement Income? Try This Quiz


By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement, @RealDealRetire

Do you have a credible retirement income plan? A TIAA-CREF survey earlier this year found that only four in 10 Americans had seriously looked into how to convert their savings into post-career income. To see just how much you know about creating income that will support you throughout retirement, answer the 10 questions below. You’ll find the correct answers—and a scoring guide—just below the quiz. More»

Should I Go To Cash And Wait For The Crash?

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire


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I’ve moved all my money to money-market funds. My plan is to wait for the crash and when things start looking better get back into the market to ride the rebound. Do you think this is a good idea? More»

3 Must-Do Hedging Strategies For A Secure Retirement

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire

3 dice-hedging

I’m not a big fan of hedge funds. Too complicated, too expensive, too opaque. But I am a big believer in hedging your financial bets so that you can still succeed even if the future doesn’t unfold exactly as you expect. Toward that end, here are three crucial hedges you should include in your retirement planning to boost your chances of achieving a secure post-career life. More»

How Much Retirement Income Will $1 Million Generate?

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire


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How much retirement income can I get from a $1 million nest egg? More»

Don’t Fall For Advisers’ Stupid Designation Tricks

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire


Is your adviser touting questionable retirement-planning credentials? Just last week the Massachusetts Securities Division fined LPL Financial $250,000 after an investigation into the use of senior designations by some of the firm’s representatives. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering hiring someone for retirement help. More»

Why Millennials Should Pass on This All-Gain-No-Pain Investment

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire


Memo to Millennials: Don’t be surprised if an adviser or insurance salesperson suggests that your retirement savings strategy include a type of annuity that’s guaranteed not to lose money. My advice if you’re on the receiving end of that pitch: Walk the other way. More»

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Annuity For Lifetime Income

By Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire


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I’m thinking of putting some of my savings into an annuity that can provide me guaranteed retirement income for life. Do you have any suggestions for how to choose the right one?